Renaissance landscapes in the Val dOrcia
An itinerary among the ancient villages and the beautiful vineyards of the Val dOrcia (Pienza, Montalcino, S.Quirico dOrcia)
The green hills of Chiantishire
Discovering perfumes and flavours of Chianti, one of the most famous and typical area of Tuscany

Le Marche: art, countryside and seaside
From the historical city of Urbino to some lively seaside resorts of the Adriatic coastline. An area of the real Italian lifestyle

Umbria between sacred and secular:
Assisi, Spoleto and the route of the DOP (Protected geographical status) oil in Umbria. Italy is not only wine

Rome and Ancient Ostia
A special tour to discover the monuments of the Imperial Rome, with a visit to Ostia, one of the most well kept archeological site in Italy, the natural sea side of Rome to the Tirrenean sea

The Amalfi Coast
A different and more authentic visit to one of the most scenic coastal areas of south Italy, discovering local history and traditions. We can even organize a visit from the sea, with a boat, or from the sky, with an helicopter.

Sicily: history and myth in the city of Syracuse
One of the capital of ancient Mediterranean, where the traces of the most important Greek colony can still be admired

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