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We bring you the latest scoop on Umbria, Italy’s hidden gem, where cultural marvels and culinary delights converge to create an immersive experience. We unravel the headlines, exploring the sacred and secular stories etched in the heart of this enchanting region.

Assisi: Spiritual Resonance in Every Stone

Our breaking story begins in Assisi, the village of San Francesco, where spirituality meets architectural brilliance. The Basilica, an iconic pilgrimage site, takes center stage in this narrative, preserving the legacy of St. Francis. Enclosed by a formidable wall, Assisi’s skyline is dominated by the Rocca Maggiore and the grand Basilica, commissioned by Pope Gregory IX in 1228.

Ascend the ancient walls of Rocca Maggiore for a panoramic view of the Umbrian Valley, a breathtaking vista that echoes with centuries of history. The Basilica, divided into the Upper and Lower sections, unveils Giotto’s masterpiece, the Cycle of the Life of St. Francis, and a medieval charm in the Lower Basilica.

Explore the Eremo delle Carceri, a serene retreat embraced by nature, where St. Francis sought solace in prayer. Our on-the-ground reporters will guide you down San Francesco root, the straight road connecting the Basilica to Piazza del Comune, revealing medieval wonders like Casa dei Maestri Comacini and the Oratorio dei Pellegrini.

Spoleto: A Symphony of History

Our news coverage moves to Spoleto, where medieval charm harmonizes with Roman influences. Navigate narrow streets that whisper tales of history, leading to the Roman Theatre, the Arch of Drusus, and the early Christian Basilica of San Salvatore.

The fortress, a fourteenth-century marvel commissioned by Cardinal Albornoz, reveals treasures within. Pinturicchio’s frescoes in Cappella Eroli and the fourteenth-century Madonna and Child in Cappella delle Reliquie are exclusive features. The city center boasts the Duomo, while nearby attractions like Palazzo Arroni and the Church of Santa Maria della Manna d’Oro enrich Spoleto’s cultural panorama.

Exclusive scoop: Immerse yourself in the artistic celebration at the Festival dei Due Mondi, where cinema, theatre, art, music, and ballet converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Umbria, one of Italy’s smallest regions, stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence of diverse histories and cultures. Within its borders, the echoes of the past resonate strongly, offering visitors a glimpse into a world where sacred and secular coexist seamlessly.

Umbria DOP Olive Oil: A Culinary Symphony

Beyond the museum walls, Umbria DOP extra virgin olive oil takes the spotlight. Crafted from Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, San Felice, Rajo, and Dolce Agocia olives, this culinary masterpiece is not just an accompaniment but a sensory journey. With a robust taste and fragrant aroma, it elevates simple dishes, from bruschetta to grills and roasts.

Explore the ancient art of olive harvesting, where tradition meets modernity. Whether gathered mechanically or by hand before December 31st each year, Umbria DOP olive oil embodies the region’s commitment to quality, rooted in history dating back to the Etruscan populations, as documented in the first century B.C.

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